Hello World

I am a Software Development student and i have created this blog to keep record of what I am learning as a programmer/developer. I don’t think that anyone will find any useful information on my blog. I am just going to use this blog to keep track of what i am studying and how i am learning.

So far i have done different programming languages at university such as Java, C#, C++, PHP and many more. I find myself very comfortable with java at this stage. One thing i love about my university is that they force us to learn new languages. If i am doing any unit in C# on semester one than next semester i have to use different language for different unit. At the beginning i was thinking why they are not allowing us to use the languages that we are comfortable with; but later on i realised that they were trying  to teach us how to learn new languages.

During every semester break, i pick up one new language and try to learn on my own. When i was doing Java, i used to think java is best but once i started learning C# i like the way of using properties, and many other things. After learning C# my java became more stronger, more i learned new languages more i started getting better at my previous languages and i became more open minded.

After trying different languages i started to see strength and weakness of different languages and now while writing code for projects, i first decide which language to choose and then work according to that. I know in future i need to specialise in fewer technologies but for now i am going to try to learn as many languages as i can.

English is not my native language so please dont go crazy on me. As i mentioned earlier this blog is just to keep track of what i am learning and how i am learning.

And btw I really love foobar : )


2 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hello. My name is Thanh. I really enjoy reading your blog post. I am just like you months (or years) ago- I am an international student, came to Canada in 2012 . I recently graduated from bcit (I was majoring in computer system technology) now looking for jobs here 🙂 if possible’ add me on Facebook or send me an email. Thank you for your interview questions post. Cheers. My web blog is under construction here if you want to visit thanhlai.com

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