Interview questions for graduate/junior software developers

Last month i went through couple of interview process and decided to post the questions that i was asked during my interview. These questions are combination from all the interview i went through. This questions are not suited for advanced developers, its only suited for recent graduates or junior developers.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Other than study and programming, what you like to do during your free time.
  3. What is the hardest project you have done while you were at university.
  4. What is difference between overwriting and overloading in OOP.
  5. Tell us about your experience while working in team.
  6. How do you manage conflicts in a group assignments.
  7. Write a sql query to join two tables in database.
  8. Imagine you have two array a = [1,2,3,4,5] and b =[3,2,9,3,7], write a program to find out common elements in both array.
  9. ( Related to question no 8.) Can you write this without using for loop?
  10. ( Related to question no 8.) If i sort those arrays will it make any difference in your code? Can you write better code if arrays are sorted?
  11. What is different between ArrayList and Set.
  12. What is music? ( i was surprised when one company asked me this question ).
  13. Write sql query to find out total number of item sold for certain product and list them in descending order. ( need to use aggregate function )
  14. What would you like to learn from us? ( i was impressed by this question, there was only one company who asked me this question. This means that they were willing to teach new developers)
  15. When you move from one technology  to another technology, how do you prepare/learn for it?
  16. Draw UML diagram for vending machine. ( This question was not for face to face interview, it was emailed to me )
  17. What is your favourite programming language? ( Be very careful while answering this question, programmer are attached to their favourite language, so dont hurt their feelings while answering this question )
  18. Other than programming units, what units have you studied? Do you like units related to business management?
  19. Can you email us some of your work that you have done? ( i was asked this question in almost every job interview )
  20. What is use of index in database? Give us example of columns that should be indexed.
  21. What is use of foreign key in database?
  22. Why you decided to study software development?
  23. What is you motivation in  life?
  24. What is you goal for next 5 year? What do you want to become in future?
  25. What is MVC pattern?
  26. Have you heard of any design patter? Please name and explain couple of them.
  27. I have a bug that needs to be fixed: The receipt printer is printing in French. I am told to write a test to validate that is broken even before I look at where its’ going wrong. Isn’t that a bit silly? It’s broken, that’s why I’m fixing it, why don’t i write a test After i fixed it?
  28. What is the point of a final field?
  29. In what way are immutable objects useful?
  30. I call setsize(new Dimension(640,480)) on JFrame and it comes up as 640,480.I then set JPanel to its ContentPane and call setSize(320,240) on the panel, but for some reason, the panel takes up the whole JFrame. What could be the problem? ( Java question )
  31. What i a Heavyweight vs Lightweight component?Can you name instant of both. ( Java question )
  32. A query to a table in my database is slow, so i decided to speed it up by adding an index to every column on that table. Why is this not such a good idea?
  33. What is your dream job? It’s a dream job so it don’t need to be real job. Just anything imaginary.
  34. Do you have any question? ( don’t say that you don’t have any question. Try to ask something because it shows that you are interested in them)

Final Suggestion

Almost every company asked me to show projects that I have done. Make sure you have some projects ready and available in github. Also at the end of interview every company will ask you ” Do you any question? “. Don’t say NO. Prepare list of questions in advance. Below are few questions that i asked to person who was interviewing me:

  1. What IDE do you use?
  2. What version control system do you use?
  3. Will someone mentor me during my initial learning phase?
  4. What is next process after this interview?
  5. When will i be notified about my interview result?
  6. If i get selected what will be main area that i will be working on?
  7. Do you work on weekends? ( I asked this question to get rough idea of how many hours i will be working in a week. I need lots of hour 🙂 )

Once interview is finished, dont forget to say THANK YOU. Even your interview did not go as expected, always thanks to person who interviewed you. Attending lots of interview is important because it will prepare you for next interview.

After interview i was selected by couple of different companies, in my next blog i will write how i decided which company i will be working for.

I would also suggest to ready few of interview books to prepare for your interview. Below are few books that I recommend reading for your interview.


17 thoughts on “Interview questions for graduate/junior software developers

  1. Thanks a lot for this.. I’m preparing my career search as I’m in my final B.Sc. year and this sure make me feel more focused on what I want to be prepared to..

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. Am preparing for System Developers interview and am feeling more confident after going through this article. Be blessed!!!

  3. Very useful article gives a lot of useful information! Thank you for sharing this!! I am going for a php interview, feel pretty nervois

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