Markdown Language

Last week in my job I was asked to update few documents on Github about setting up developers environment. When i looked at the document on Github, it looked like a HTML document but when i opened the file on text editor it was not written in HTML. At that time i learned something about markdown language. Markdown language is easy to read and easy to write plain text format, which can be easily converted to HTML. In fact its so easy that it can be learned within 30 min without any previous knowledge of HTML. Below are few of the tags used in markdown language.

Markdown Heading 1
# Heading 1

Html Heading 1

<h1>Heading 1</h1>

Markdown Heading 2
## Heading 2

Html Heading 2

<h2>Heading 2</h2>

Markdown Heading 3
### Heading 3

Html Heading 3

<h3>Heading 3</h3>

Markdown bold
**bold text**

Html bold

<strong>bold text</strong>

Markdown italics
*italics text*

Html italics

<em>italics text</em>

Markdown bold and italics
***bold and italics***

Html bold and italics

<strong><em>bold and italics</em></strong>

Markdown blockquote
> this is a quote.

Html blockquote

<blockquote>this is a quote.</blockquote>

Markdown Ordered list

1. first item
2. second item
3. third item

Html Ordered list

	<li>first item</li>
	<li>second item</li>
	<li>third item</li>

Markdown unordered list

* first item
* second item
* third item

For unordered list using markdown language we can use either “*”,”+” or “-” symbols.

Html unordered list

	<li>first item</li>
	<li>second item</li>
	<li>third item</li>

Markdown Strikethrough
~~this is strikethrough.~~

Html Strikethrough

<del>this is strikethrough</del>

Markdown Table

Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 2
Row 1 | Row 1 | Row 1
Row 2 | Row 2 | Row 2
Row 3 | Row 3 | Row 3

Html Table

   <th>Column 1</th>
   <th>Column 2</th>
   <th>Column 3</th>

   <td>Row 1</td>
   <td>Row 1</td>
   <td>Row 1</td>

   <td>Row 2</td>
   <td>Row 2</td>
   <td>Row 2</td>

   <td>Row 3</td>
   <td>Row 3</td>
   <td>Row 3</td>

There are many other tags available for markdown language which can be easily found on internet.

Editor for Markdown

There are many editors found for Mac,Windows and Linus which can convert markdown tags to Html tags. However I am using MOU on Mac. MOU can convert markdown language to html format as soon as you type them on MOU screen.It helps you see the output of what you have written. Currently MOU is on beta version and can be download for free from this link.MOU also allows to convert .md file into pdf file or convert .md(markdown) into html file.It comes with different templates, including template for Github.


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