Google documents vs Microsoft word

Today I tried google document in order to replace Microsoft word. It’s been 4 years since I have stopped using Microsoft Products other than doing some University project or when I need to use C# or SQL Server 2012 for data warehousing. At beginning when I tried google drive, I thought today is last day for Microsoft office on my Mac laptop. But unfortunately there are so many features missing in google documents and its a long way before I can replace Microsoft office for google drive. Here are list of feature that is missing in google documents.

1. No proper way to have table of content. I know you can insert table of content but it is not very professional and there is no page number in table of content. There is only one default style and we don’t have many choice.

2. It doesn’t check grammar errors for me.

3. If I put multiple white spaces between words than google document doesn’t inform me.

5. If I start my sentence will lower case “i” than google document doesn’t inform me.

6. It doesn’t have templates for cover sheet.

7. Reference is not possible other than few add-ons.

8. It doesn’t support feature of showing synonymous for certain words. English is not my first language, so I use this feature a lot to improve documentations while doing university assignments.

I know google have introduced add-ons functionality for google documents but currently there are not many of them available. May be in future there will be lot of add-ons available and one day I can completely replace Microsoft word but until then I am going to stick to Microsoft word.


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